This 2-Minute Eyebrow Hack is Lifechanging!


This eyebrow hack only requires 2 minutes.

We now practically live in the world of fast-changing trends and incredible hacks. Of course, some of them are very strange and don’t even work. But the ones that do, they work like magic!

This week, we have discovered another makeup hack, specifically an eyebrow hack that only takes 2 minutes. Curious to find out the details? Keep reading.

For this 2-step eyebrow hack, you need an eyeshadow similar to the color of your eyebrow hair, an eyeshadow brush, q-tips, and micellar water. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Tap the eyeshadow all over the brow area with a brush, making sure the eyebrows are completely darkened.

2. Now dip the q-tip in some micellar water and clean out the edges.

And you’re done. Perfectly filled brows in under 2 minutes!

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