This Beauty Hack Will Give You Glass Skin With Zero Makeup


Want glass skin with minimal effort? Say no more!

Glass skin or clear, dewy skin is one of the most coveted beauty trends. A lot of skincare layering and makeup techniques go behind this look to achieve the appearance of silky, smooth skin. But what if we told you that you can get the same results with a simple beauty hack that requires no makeup at all? Keep reading to learn this secret hack and get an instant glow.


We know that UV rays and sun exposure can damage our skin, and so, wearing sunscreen throughout the year is a must. But other than protecting you from sun damage, your sunscreen can give you glass skin too. For this method, you need two sunscreens – a tinted and a non-tinted one. This method provides smooth, dewy, and radiant skin. The tinted sunscreen just gives a hint of colour, evening out the complexion so that your natural skin peeks through the sunscreen and looks gorgeous.

To begin, you need to apply a non-tinted sunscreen (preferably with physical filters) over your face. Then, apply the tinted sunscreen over the first layer. To reapply throughout the day, apply the tinted sunscreen with a cushion sponge and gently press it in.

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