THIS is how each season damages your hair! Uhhh Yikes.


According to experts, the weather can play a great role in how good or bad your hair looks!

Read on for what to expect when it comes to your hair in each season.

How Summer Impacts Hair

Summers are deadly in Pakistan. High temperature and sun rays can cause damage to your hair, leading to brittle hair and split ends. UV rays from the sun affect the ‘Melanin’ in the skin and can lighten the hair.


  • To keep your hair healthy, it is very important to keep your scalp clean by washing it on daily basis. Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new haircut or regular trims for reduced split ends.
  • If you have color treated hair, you need to take extra care of it during this season. Chemical treatments mixed with the burning summer sun can lead to color fading, maximum damage and hair dryness.
  • Choose hair care products made especially for color treated hair.
  • Last but not least as your hair is already exposed to the heat of the sun, avoid tools like irons and blow dryers as much as you can during the summer season.


How Winter impacts hair

The most common affect of winter on your hair is dandruff. Dry scalp can cause hair loss and itching. Cold and dry air of winters can damage the cuticle layer on the hair leaving it rough and unruly. The dryness and breakage that comes along with winters can also affect your hair color.


  • Moisturise your scalp more often by using different hair oils.
  • Make sure to use anti dryness shampoos to prevent dandruff.

How Humidity Impacts Hair

Months from July to September are humid in Pakistan. Dry hair will attract and absorb the water vapor in the air, causing the molecular structure of the hair to break down. According to the experts if excess moisture is absorbed in the hair, it will become too heavy for your strands and will cause loss of volume and shape, resulting in seemingly uncontrollable frizz.


  • Use a frizz free shampoo followed by a nourishing conditioner that suits your hair texture and type.
  • Use volumizing shampoos¬† and hair spray to add a little lift to your hair

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General Hair care

Temperature plays an important role for hair health, but no need to worry! there are many ways to keep your hair generally healthy. Eating a balanced diet, massage your scalp with good hair oil, and massage with a good shampoo to wash it off.¬† A good massage is a great way to promote healthy hair growth, as it increases blood flow. If you’re considering a special hair treatment or supplement, be sure to do plenty of research and consult a hairstylist, pharmacist or physician you trust.

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In which weather does your hair look the best? Comment Below! 



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