5 Habits To Adopt If You Want To Lose Weight Fast



Forgot all about your diet and feel like you put on some serious pounds? Here is what you need to start doing TODAY for a healthier lifestyle and to get back into shape!


1. Reduce your intake of Sugar and Starches

This will help you reduce your body weight. Insulin levels will decrease, effectively killing your appetite and making you lose weight. Lower the amount of sugary drinks and fruit juices you consume as well by opting for healthier alternatives such as green tea instead. White bread should be avoided because it is high in carbs and lower in fiber. Instead, opt for brown bread which is healthier. Similarly, substitute low-carb flour for wheat flour.

2. Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables

This will ensure that, despite your reduced intake of sugar and starch, your body gets its ideal quantity of carbs. Main sources of proteins include meat, sea food and eggs. Low-carb vegetables such as Broccoli, Spinach and Cucumber are also ideal to include in your diet.

3. Hit The GYM

For effective weight loss, it is vital that you exercise. Lifting weights or doing cardio will be extremely beneficial in losing fat and building muscle. For quick results, you can do a 30-day Fitness Challenge or join a gym or Zumba class. If you do not have access to a gym facility – do not worry! You can easily look for exercises that do not require equipment, such as squats, push-ups or walking lunges. Moreover, there are five-minute workouts you can fit into your busy schedules so you never have an excuse to not exercise.

4. Eat Before Eight To Lose Weight!

Establishing an eating curfew definitely helps lose the pounds. If you go by the ‘no carbs after 5pm’ rule along with the ‘eat dinner early’ rule, you’re bound to see positive results where your weight loss goals are concerned.  If you must eat at night, make sure you don’t choose unhealthy, fattening junk foods.

5. Drink More Water

Drinking more water not only hydrates us and reduces our appetite, but also increases the amount of calories we burn. Make sure you are drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day to get leaner! It’s 100% calorie free! Can there be anything better?

All you need for a speedy weight loss is these habits and some sold motivation and you are not far from a lean, toned up figure.

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