Trend Watch: What’s New and What’s Here to Stay


With the new year just three days away, some really amazing trends have emerged and we have compiled them just for you.

Be it makeup, skincare or fashion, trends come and go. With 2022 just around the corner, we have spotted some fairly new trends that are going to be seen everywhere. Below, we have compiled a list of fashion and beauty trends that are worth a try.


1. Rosy hues


Celebrities like Urwa Hocane and Hiba Bukhari have set the tone for the upcoming months. Hopefully, 2022 will be as rosy as our wardrobe.


2. Saree pantsuit

The classic saree has got a new twist. Ushna recently dropped this saree pantsuit and many loved its casual vibe.


3. Extended smoky eye makeup


Smoky eye makeup is everybody’s favourite, but Sajal Aly added a little drama to it. For a recent promotional shoot for her movie Khel Khel Mein, Sajal Aly rocked extended smoky eyes and a bright pink pout.


4. Afghani jewellery 

Ethnic jewellery can add a whole lot of charm to your style and that’s why so many divas love to wear it. Iqra Aziz, Maya Ali, Mawra Hocan and Eman Suleman are a few celebs who made a stunning appearance wearing Afghani jewellery.


5. Dolphin skin


Dolphin skin dominated summer 2021 and celebs adored it so much that it is likely to stay until late 2022. This ‘fresh out of the water’ makeup look requires a very hydrating and moisturising skincare routine underneath and lightweight, dewy foundation on top. Instead of powder blushes and highlighters, it is recommended to use cream products to get a blinding, radiant glow.

So, which trend are you trying out next? If you want to see more and get all the deeds on the biggest beauty trends forecast for 2022, click here.

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