#TRENDALERT: Pink Makeup-Here is How to Ace it


Pink is a universally flattering color. So it’s no wonder that it’s super trending right now. The deeper you dive into its shades, the more you’ll love it.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to pink makeup, however, with the right tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your look. Here are three simple pro tips to help you ace your pink glow.

1. Add a dash of pink to your dark eyeliner

Pulling off a pink eyeliner can be an overwhelming experience for some. But, applying it right above your black eyeliner will change the game. Simply apply a thin layer of hot pink eyeliner slightly above your upper lash line. Follow up with a black eyeliner, add a wing and viola! You are good to go.

Don’t have a pink eyeliner? Here is a cheap girl hack. Wet your eyeliner brush with setting spray and dig into your favorite eyeshadow palette. Thank me later!

pink makeup

2. Use liquid pink blush for the ‘flushed’ look

The ‘naturally pink flushed’ look has been all over the Internet lately and to achieve that healthy glow, switch to a liquid blush instead of your regular powder one. Liquid blushes are more hydrating and provide a dewy, radiant look, which is exactly what we want.


3. Ditch your lipstick for a pink lip tint or gloss

Always remember this makeup rule – Bold lips, softer eyes; Bold eyes, softer lips. And since we are talking about the perfect pink makeup look, you need to get yourself a good pink gloss or tint. While mattes absolutely look gorgeous, nothing beats a plumped, hydrated lip color that adds a little bit of shine and a whole lot of nourishment to your lips.

pink makeup

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