Try these Activities in your Self Care Routine.


Self Care isn’t only about Spa Days or relaxing at the beach or mediation- sometimes the simplest of activities can just be perfect. Let’s look into some fun things that can be your way of self-care.

French braid.

A self-soothing practice- just French braid your hair.

Pick up a coloring book.

There are adult colouring books out there, treat yourself to a 96-pack of Crayola crayons and get colouring.

Experiment with your boldest makeup shades.

That turquoise glitter eyeshadow that’s never been touched? Slap it on, and watch your mood boost.

Hula hoop.

Hula-Hooping is the best- fun and a great workout too.

Make Fancy hot chocolate.

Making food or shakes is really therapeutic- try embellishing your cocoa with extra treats and enjoy drinking it.


Which Self Care activity are you going to choose ?

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