Viva la Diva: How to gloss your hair at home


Glossing does to your hair what a nail paint does to your nails… makes it all kinds of fabulous! Now here is the thing, it’s time consuming, but shiny hair is the need of eternity rather than just of a few days.

Glossing is an amazing antidote to bring back that shine and it adds a glossy top coat to your dead, rough and damaged hair.

We reached out to the expert at Acme Beauty Institute of Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy, Mr. Waqas Ahraf to talk all things, everything, about hair glossing! Here is what he had to say.

“This treatment can be done with or without chemicals. However organic products don’t bring out as much shine as chemical products do”- says Mr Ahraf.





Step 1: Wash with a Silicone Shampoo

“Hair glossing is done in many ways in salons but the way it can be done at home is by starting with washing your hair with a Silicone shampoo”

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Step 2: Mix store brought Glossing Cream and Volumizers

“Mix in the glossing cream of any brand with emulsifiers and volumizers in one to one ratio”


Step 3: Apply & Leave in

“Apply it on the hair leaving 1 cm from the roots, specifically on lengths and ends for about 20 minutes”

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Step 4: Heat Scalp

”Different methods and instruments are used at the salons to provide heat to the scalp so that the product can penetrate well and quickly in it. However you can simply use a hot wet towel to open the cuticles before applying the product and a hair dryer to provide heat after you have applied the product or you can simply skip this step if you don’t have the tools at home.”

Step 5: Rinse

“Rinse the hair and blow dry”

Pro tip:  Use cuticle locking hair shampoo for every wash after this treatment to prolong its effect.


“It’s like rejuvenating and giving your hair new life. When you do this treatment once a month for two or three times you get excellent shine in your hair and the silicone develops a protective layer on the hair that protects from heat damage. Other than heat damage, external factors like sun, dust, smoke etc. also damage hair which the glossing protects against.”

Glossing is highly recommended for women who color their hair frequently because dying hair is itself a pretty damaging process that can make your hair look limp and lifeless! Getting your hair glossed, when you dye it, will give it a very fresh feel and make that color last”

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