6 Trending ways to Rock a Scarf


Winter is coming, and  in case you weren’t aware, one of the most used and powerful fashion accessories in your wardrobe this season is going to be your scarves! Scarves can be used to highlight your personality and make a fashion statement, but it really depends on how you pull it off! Either way it has the power to make your whole look go from ‘okayish’ to ‘wowza’!

Here are our top 6 styling tips for scarves this winter. Read on.

Rock It

Step 1: Take a square scarf and fold it into a triangle. Then fold the central corner twice to make an elongated fold.

Step 2: Start at the back of your head and bring the two ends to the center of your forehead.

Step 3: Tie a knot in the center and fold the loose ends into a knot for a hip yet sleek look!

Hip ‘N’ Chic

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a triangle and cover your head with it.

Step 2: Take the two longer ends of the scarf and bring both ends to one side of your head.

Step 3: Tie them together, and voila! You’re ready for some fun with your friends without messing up your hair!


Cover Me Cool

Disclaimer: You need a longer scarf for this trendy look.

Step 1: Loop your scarf around your neck.

Step 2: Twist the two ends at the back, and bring them to the front.

Step 3: Tie the ends together and rock your modest yet chic look for the day!


Step 1: Loop your scarf around your neck and cross it behind your back.

Step 2: Bring both ends to the front.

Step 3: Tuck one end of the scarf through the loop and repeat with the other end. You can loop it till the scarf runs out and turn your ordinary jeans-and-tee into a fashion statement!


Waist Craze

Step 1: Fold your scarf into an elongated line.

Step 2: Start from the front and wrap it around your waist.

Step 3: Tie a knot and attach a cool broach over the knot. You can also twist the loose ends into the belt area to keep it tight.

Winter Belt

Step 1: There’s definitely a chill in the air and the best way to fend off the cold is with a nice blanket scarf or a shawl and tie it with a belt to keep it in place.

So, our advice this changing season is to figure out how you can complement your attire with a colorful or exquisitely patterned scarf to look chic and ready to go!

What’s your favourite style of pulling off a scarf? Share your ideas below!

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