Wear Your Tanned Skin With Your Chin Up And The Right Makeup Tips


Dark skin color is deemed to be the most attractive color worldwide but unfortunately in Pakistan it is considered as a taboo everyone is trying to get rid of. Caucasians who are naturally fair always try to get tanned naturally and/or artificially because they know dark skin is the real beauty while Pakistani women can’t stop obsessing over white skin.

Why do you get whitening facial offers and deals when you visit a salon just for threading? Why do your coworkers have the courage to make jokes about your skin tone? Why do your family and friends feel that you are any less beautiful than others?

Don’t be a colorist, because if you don’t respect yourself for who you are- No one else will.

Hence keep calm and wear your dark color proudly with the right makeup tips coming ahead.


The secret of having a brighter look if you have a dark skin is using two foundation shades. A lighter shade for the center part while a shade as dark as your skin tone on the rest of the face so that it covers all the flaws, on the rest of the face.

Remember: You MUST NOT go for fair foundations otherwise you’ll end up having a grey tinge on your face.


Make a good use of concealer on your cheekbones and under your eyes to entice light by bringing warmth on those parts.


Use two shades deeper bronzer than your skin tone and you MUST NOT dust it all over your face- just along the sides of the face, nose, and jawline for a more defined look.


Mix and match different shades of highlighter that melt into your skin tone making you glow from the inside.

Eye shadows and liner:

It’s that part of your face where you can play with the colors all you want. Go for  burgundy, prunes, copper, and browns. Mattes or glitters, your call , followed by a highly pigmented black or colored eye liner for a complete dramatic look!


Trust us, the way you can wear the boldest lip colors, no one else can. Use lip colors like coffee, chocolate, plums, berry, and burgundy to look like a warrior.

Nail paints:

You get a lot of choice when it comes to nail paints. Nudes, neons, dark shades of pink and red and all shades of purple are made to accentuate the beauty of your hands.

Follow our tips above and move around with your head high, and when you see an ad about a whitening cream on television – just change the channel.

Do you think  a dark colored woman is any less beautiful then a fair colored woman? Comment below with your opinion!

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