Weird Makeup Trends That Need to Go in 2022


It’s time to review the most hyped makeup trends and see if they are really worth it.

2021 was all about natural, glowy skin and adventurous makeup techniques. However, some of them were so bizarre and overhyped that they need to go ASAP. In 2022, we are ditching these makeup trends to make space for raw, authentic beauty.

1. Sunkissed blush

This blush technique looks very cute, however, it’s not for everyone. Besides, too much product placement across the cheeks can make your face look bigger.


2. Polka dot contour

makeup trends

This technique involves using cream contour in polka dot pattern over the areas that need to be defined, such as the jaws and cheekbones. But, the drawback is that cream is more pigmented and it can drag your face down.


3. Baking

Baking feels very outdated as people now prefer more natural and glowy complexions.


4. Overlining cupid bow

Just like the sunkissed blush, this makeup trend is not for everybody and is also not suitable for everyday makeup.


5. Eyebrow lamination

Short, feathery strokes can really make a difference when it comes to eyebrows, however, if you swipe all of your brows upwards, it can take away from your natural beauty.

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