What Does Eye Twitching Mean?


Eye twitching – the term may sound scary and something you should really worry about, but contrary to that, it’s rarely dangerous. In simple words, eye twitching is a repetitive, involuntary blinking of the eyelid.

This spontaneous blinking usually occurs every few seconds and lasts for a few minutes. The twitch or spasm is unpredictable, meaning it may come and go over a period of days or weeks. Then, you may not experience any twitching for weeks or even months.

Is eye twitching painful?

No, it’s not. Eye twitches are typically not associated with any pain. In fact, for most people, these spasms are very mild and feel like a gentle tug on the eyelid. However, they may bother you.

What causes it?

There are no identifiable causes for eyelid twitching because they rarely are a symptom of a serious health problem or disorder. Nevertheless, it can accompany eye irritation, lack of sleep, environmental factors, stress and consumption of tobacco, or caffeine.

When should you be worried about it?

As mentioned earlier, these twitches can be harmless, however, if they get chronic and don’t go away for weeks, you should get a medical checkup. Furthermore, if you have difficulty opening the eye or the twitching happens in other parts of your face or body as well, immediately seek medical help.

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