What is Hair Slugging and How Does it Work?


Hair slugging is a trend we have seen enough of on tick tock and all for good reason we want to get onboard the bandwagon as well


First let’s discuss,


What is hair slugging?


Following up with Korean favourite skincare routine, rings a lot of bells as at one time we saw it trending too. hair slugging involves shellacking hair in an extra coat of product (typically a leave-in hair oil) then carefully tucking all of it up into a fluffy sock before bed as protection.


What can hair slugging do?


It makes your hair silkier shinier and smoother. Hair slugging is a suitable practice for all hair types, lengths, and textures, though you’ll want to adjust product types and frequency of application accordingly.


How to slug your hair?


the practice calls for oil, serum, or thicker cream can be used depending on your hair type. Weave your hair into a single braid if possible before tucking it into a silk wrap. Spend a good night and the night day get to washing your hair. Make sure you rinse to take the oil out completely as it was left overnight.


We have tried it and we were a fan. Let us know what your experience was like?

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