What On Earth are Threading Facelifts?


As we age, our skin naturally loses its firmness and elasticity due to the degradation of collagen – a protein that gives skin its structure. However, it is inevitable. In fact, it shows that we have lived, loved and laughed and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with aging, there‚Äôs also nothing wrong with wanting to do something about it, such as threading facelifts AKA thread lifts.

Cosmetic treatments like threading facelifts or thread lifts are on the rise but what is it and how does it work on the skin? Let’s find out.

What in the world are threading facelifts?

It is actually a non-surgical procedure designed to combat the signs of aging in the face and neck areas by lifting and tightening the skin to make it look younger, smoother and healthier.

The process includes inserting threads underneath the skin which are then tightened and pulled back. This gives the skin a subtle but visible lifted, boosted and rejuvenated appearance.

People who are not suitable for surgery due to medical conditions can easily get thread lifts. Any area of the face can be treated, including the forehead, cheeks, jowls, eyebrows, jawline and neck. However, please keep in mind that the treatment is ideal for patients aged between 30 to 50 who are experiencing mild to moderate signs of loose skin.

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