Wheat Protein Can Change Your Hair Game


Hair damage is a very common issue, and it can be caused by various sources – chemical treatments, heat styling without precaution, friction, and the list goes on. To restore damaged hair, hydrating and strengthening ingredients are used and one ingredient that has both is wheat protein.

It is basically a type of protein that is derived from wheat germ, like gluten or glutamine. In beauty products, wheat protein is more effective if broken down into smaller proteins, known as hydrolyzed wheat protein.

This ingredient is gaining popularity and is used in strengthening shampoos and conditioners due to its restoring and replenishing properties. Here’s why it is the solution to all of your hair problems.

1. Strengthens the hair shaft

It increases the elasticity of your hair by locking in the moisture. This, in turn, improves the flexibility of your hair and helps strengthen your locks.

wheat protein

2. Repairs damage

It effectively repairs damaged hair by connecting the broken bonds caused by sunlight, bleaches, straighteners, and hair dyes.

3. Provides hydration

This miracle ingredient has the ability to pass through the hair cuticle and hydrate the hair shaft. Thus, keeping it lustrous.

wheat protein

4. Prevents breakage

It prevents further weakening of your hair strands by keeping dryness at bay.

5. Adds shine

It doesn’t just protect your hair from damage, but visibly makes them glossy and shiny.

So, the bottom line is to invest in haircare products that contain hydrolyzed wheat protein for healthier, happier hair.

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