When does the makeup expire?


We all love holding on to our favorite mascara or lipstick for years, hoping it won’t finish and we can use it for the rest of our lives. But unfortunately, at some point, it’s time to let go; those nostalgic colors may be the reason you’re breaking out. Old makeup can carry unbelievable amounts of bacteria which you transfer to your face by using it daily. So, whether you choose to believe it or not, makeup does have an expiry date, and we’re here to help you figure out if yours has reached its:


You apply this to your eyelashes on the daily not knowing the amount of bacteria it carries, and this is probably one of the oldest items in your makeup drawer. Replace it every three to four months to avoid eye infections and irritation.


Though lipsticks aren’t too prone to growing bacteria, they do tend to smell a bit funny over time and change in texture. A good time to replace your lipstick is after about a year, but you can also wait and replace it if the texture changes (gets harder to apply on your lips).

Liquid Foundation:

Replace your liquid foundation every six to 12 months. The foundation will usually separate into two layers or change color when it’s time to chuck it in the bin!

Powder Foundation/Blush/Eye Shadow:

Powders can last a little longer than most makeup – about two years. But when it comes to eye shadow, we suggest replacing it a little sooner, because it may cause an eye infection!

Remember, even if your makeup has not expired, you’re likely to be putting bacteria on your face through your brushes, so make sure you clean them every three months. Stay bacteria free, Stay beautiful!

Do you dispose of your makeup when it expires or not? Share your take on using expired makeup products in the comments below! XOXO

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