Where to Save Or Spend in Your Skincare Routine


Your skincare routine has to be effective, but are all the products in your regimen worth the splurge?

It’s always nice to save some cash when buying your favourite products. Whether it’s a deal, sale, or a discount, skincare feels a lot better when you get to save up some cash. But apart from that, there are a few products that are just a marketing gimmick and you don’t need them in your skincare routine. Curious to know more? Keep reading.


Where to save:

Makeup remover

A gentle and effective cleanser is enough to take away all the grime, makeup, and sunscreen from the day. On days you are wearing heavy makeup, wash your face twice with the same cleanser or follow the double cleansing method.


Face mask

Face masks are a want, not a need. By that, we mean that face masks are “sometimes” skincare products that do not need to be included in your daily regimen. If you have a good skincare routine, you don’t need a face mask.


Eye cream

Eye creams are just moisturisers that are packaged in a tiny tube or jar. So, rather than spending more on an eye cream, buy a good and gentle moisturiser that nourishes the skin not just under the eyes but on the face as well.


Where to spend:


We have mentioned it over and over again that sunscreen is a must and you need to apply and reapply it throughout the day. So, you need to stock up on this skincare essential to stay protected.



Antioxidants like vitamin C, niacinamide, and green tea fight UV rays and air pollutants that are harsh on the skin and boost the efficacy of sunscreen, therefore you should spend your money on a good quality antioxidants serum.



Moisturising your skin on a regular basis is the key to healthier, youthful skin for a long time. That’s why, you should invest in a gentle moisturiser that will keep your skin’s health in check.

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