With This Cleansing Routine, Beautiful Skin Is In!


We get that with a jam-packed schedules from going to the gym, to work commitments, or having a day out with your girls to living it up in the club, you’ve probably got a calendar stacked with a to-do list…. and with all that who even has the time for a cleansing routine?!?!? While you’d prefer to use a dry shampoo and scoot out that door, never rush your skincare regimen. We’ll fulfill the promises of sisterhood and take you through a life changing cleansing routine that will make it all seem worth it.

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This the mother of all face products, an oasis for dirty messed up skin, and a relief for those whose pores aren’t breathing due to layers of makeup slathered on.

We’ll let you in on a secret.. Parisians swear by this!

Micelles are tiny oil particles suspended in water that bind dust, grime, oil and pretty much all the impurities that have become a nuisance for your skin, leaving behind a sun-kissed, dewy finish. Start with this to get the grime and pollutants off your face.



The possibilities of choosing a cleanser are endless! They can be powders or a creams, a lotion or foams, gels or oils. The lighter textures are best for oily and sensitive skin, while richer and heavier ones are for dry and ageing complexion. You can judge if a cleanser works for you after the very first wash. If your face is dry and tingly, steer clear. But if its supple and soft, you have a winner! In the morning you can pat some on, message it into your skin, give it a rinse.

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After you’ve cleansed, tone and get your glow on! A gentle, non-drying toner formulated with hydroxyl acid and pro vitamin B5 is superb. Put some on a cotton pad and wipe away dull skin and hinder moisture loss.

You’re skin will never have a dull moment once you add a toner to your cleansing regime!



Using a moisturizer is super important, even for those with oily skin! If you have dry skin we recommend you use an oil based moisturizer to replenish the moisture your skin lacks, while for those with an oily skin we recommend a water based moisturizer to replenish and refresh your skin from within.


Protect your skin, it’s the only one you’ve got! Indulge in a fruitful cleanse and watch your skin feel younger, brighter and glowing with every treatment. 

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