Your Skincare Routine Needs to Change for Fall


Sweater weather is just around the corner and with that in mind, you need to upgrade your skincare routine for gorgeous skin even in the coldest months.

Our skin is always vulnerable to environmental changes. With a drop in humidity, the air gets dry and our skin even drier. This is why you need to switch some skincare products for the transitioning weather. Read more to find out how small changes can bring a major difference in your skin.

1. Change your cleanser

Summers call for more clarifying cleansers as we sweat and produce more oil. However, these cleansers can be a bit harsh in winter. Switch to gentle cleansers to avoid compromising your skin barrier.

skincare routine

2. Use a thicker moisturizer or oil

To combat dry, flaky skin you need to use a thicker moisturizer in your skincare routine, preferably one that has ceramides and peptides. Add facial oils if you have extremely dry skin or are prone to eczema.

skincare routine

3. Bring body lotion to the table

The skin on our body tend to get rough and itchy in winter, therefore, it is necessary to use a body lotion to keep it healthy.

skincare routine

4. Invest in a humidifier

Low humidity levels degrade our skin’s natural moisture barrier. That’s when humidifiers come in as the knights in shining armor to hydrate our skin.

5. Cut down on actives

Ingredients like AHAs, BHAs and retinol can be irritating to the skin in fall. So, try to use them sparingly.

With that being said, you should continue to wear sunscreen because UV rays can damage your skin regardless of the season or weather.

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